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I have to confess my support of the Obama-Biden ticket. But also I have to confess that I had, until very recently, been (naughtily) expressing overly antagonistic, frightened opposition to the McCain-Palin ticket. Now, if you have read my earlier blogs, you know that I think that acting out heatedly as I have been (even if only in my own mind, or by venting my spew to sympathetic others) is a sign of really bad marksmanship and unresolved issues. Still, I was delighting in displacing my anger and worries onto McCain and Palin, and I was stuck in my ardent disability to understand why anyone would favor them. Shame on me. Then along comes the more entertainment-oriented end of media. First, in terms of what really hit my radar, there was a lovely video by prominent performers on getting out to vote, regardless of position. Second, there was coverage of the dinner at which John McCain and Barak Obama roasted each other. Watching Senator McCain’s reactions to Senator Obama’s roast was delightful. I giggle still. Although I must admit that I immediately had a lousy night’s sleep worrying that if people feel warmer toward Mr. McCain, as I did after that show, then how would they choose Senator Obama? Panick-driven, because ideally we will choose our candidates on issues and on the basis of our estimation of their ability to do the job not on them being cool or one of the guys (or gals). Next, there was a lovely spoof on several of the candidates by JibJab that helped me realize at least one aspect of Senator Obama that causes opposing viewpoint folks to feel as violently against him as I had been feeling against McCain. Finally, along comes the Saturday Night Live appearance of Governor Sarah Palin. Wow. That took guts and a sense of humor on her part! For those humanizing events, I thank our free media, and I thank all our candidates. I am still pro-Obama-McCain, but I am at last, per my prescription to ourselves, freed of a large measure of the burden of worrying against McCain-Palin. I breathe a sigh of happiness and humor thinking maybe things will, somehow, turn out alright either way.


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