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According to University of Texas at Austin researchers Rochlen and McKelley, many stay-at-home dads are doing as well or better than fathers who work outside the home in terms of life and marital satisfaction. And they’re every bit as masculine as ever while also feeling both more affectionate and more nurturing toward their children than they had before making the stay-at home dad leap. On the positive side were the men’s appreciation of their wives stronger earning potential, their own desire to spend more time with their children, and the shared concern of both parents about letting an outside person assume caregiving responsibilities. Also seen as positive was the men’s common experience of becoming more affectionate and nurturing toward their children. On the down side, there were usually mixed reaction from friends and family as well as just missing adults interactions. Worse, many men were shunned from playgroups (of moms and their kids) and were eyed suspiciously at playgrounds (pedophilia paranoia? unmanly man assumptions? just not knowing how to get along with guys as pals?) by stay-at-home mothers. The Ph.D. psychologist (Rochlen) and fifth year Ph.D. student (McKelley) suggested that these dads seek daddy-friendly playgroups and on-line networks where dads can share stories, get parenting tips and find camaraderie.[Thanks to A. Cynkar for summary of this research in the October 2007 issue of APA Monitor on Psychology.]


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