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The cure for a broken heart

[Parade magazine, February 12, 2012] : Because being in love means we are, literally, addicted to love, recovering from being dumped has some strategies appropriate to recovering from addiction. 1. Says Professor Helen Fisher, author of “Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love”, “If you’re trying to give up alcohol, you don’t leave a bottle of vodka on your desk.” So, store letters, pictures, gifts of/from your ex out of sight, and out of reach. Remove his/her contact information from cell, e-mail, IM buddy list, etc. Don’t go past his/her residence, work station, etc. Re-route. 2. Do novel things. “Whether it’s travel, new restaurants, new hobbies [or re-engaging in old favorites], seeing people you haven’t seen in a while [or making new friends],” Fisher says, “novelty significantly elevates activity of dopamine in the brain [dopamine rushes you used to automatically get from your lover].” 3. Do happy things, from a form of exercise you enjoy, to getting a massage, to hugging people and other animals.   



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