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See the above on “Manipulating Choice” and “What Do We Really Choose?” by Cindy Meyer, Ph.D. ¬†for clarification of how our desires are manipulated by pairing something that might be good for us (e.g., milk, if it is good for you) with something also good for us (in Dr. Meyers’ example a beautiful person, symbolizing the consumer’s wish to feel beautiful). SUGGESTIONS When you are dealing with with cravings, even if you give in and find yourself unsatisfied, look back over the moments before you gave in to your “choice”. Feel and wonder what emotions, and thoughts, beliefs, were milling around in you at the time. Wonder what you might really have needed then instead of plugging in the thing that you do impulsively, or self-indulgently, or simply by habit. Yawn gently, rolling your eyes upward under droopy eyelids to allow yourself the sensation of needing, wanting something good for you, and not having it…yet. Shake your head in confusion, wondering what the heck it is you really need and could/should be doing when you get these cravings. Roll your shoulders and neck in uncertainty. Then distract yourself from the challenge by doing something fun or interesting or some absorbing, gratifying routine that needs to get done. Let the problem subside into your unconscious mind, and intend that answers will come. In time.


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